Honda YAMAHA Bajaj Suzuki Model Complete, China Motorcycle Parts, Motorcycle Sprocket Fit for Kriss RC80, Rear Front Sprocket

Honda YAMAHA Bajaj Suzuki  Model Complete, China Motorcycle Parts, Motorcycle Sprocket Fit for Kriss RC80, Rear Front Sprocket

Our business was recognized on July fifth 2571.

Product: bike Sprocket,Gear
1.Our factory produces 2millon piceces for every calendar year
two.Our manufacturing unit pursure item top quality to reach the very best in the sector
3.CZPTy production is strictly inspected by pros
4.The solution parameters can be transformed according to consumers needs.
Compaison with the very same sector:
1.Our manufacturing facility has sophisticated equpment
two.The manufacturing unit is extremely huge, reachong the regional of Top3.
3.In the products made by manufacturers in the very same business,the prices is relatively fundamental and the merchandise high quality is relatively greater

Company  Profile
1.Made by HangCZPT YONGYI machinery parts Co.,Ltd. 
 2.Have full production line and have advanced production technology,make the cost of production minimum so  we can offer you better cost
 3.we have complete production model,we can do and can do buyer dimensions
 4.we do focus on production quality,and is a good choose for your long time cooperation partner
 5.we have flexible negotiation so that we can meet your much benefit
 6.we also offer special processing according to drawing and sample for client 
Product Introduction 
1.Motorcycle sprocket type is 420,428,520,530 and so on
2.Material have A3 and 45# steel
3.Thickness is 6.8~seven.1mm
4.Surface technology is polish, sand plating ,CNC line and so on
5.Surface treatment is zinc plating ,chrome plating,nickle plating
6.Weight for one set is about 0.8kg
seven.Teeth number arrange 13t~17t,28t~60t
1.The geographical position advantage:located in sprocket town,profession produce every kind of sprocket 
two.price advantage:on the basic of guarantee of the quantity,we reduction the freight of the cost,then give you the best price
3. Precision Stamping 
Specification cover

A A50, A80, A100, AG100, AK100, AK125SL, ALFA-FIZR, AX100, AX115  
B BAJAJ, BEST125, BIZ100, BIZ125, BOXER, BROS125, BROS150  
C C50, C70, C90, C100, C100-BIZ, CALIBER, CALIBER115, CB100, CB125, CB125T, CB250N, CB400, CBF150, CBR, CBR250, CBR400, CBX150, CBX200, CBX250, CBZ160, CD70, CD80, CD100, CD125, CF50, CFR250, CFR450, CG125, CG150, CG125FAN, CN125, CRUX, CRX100, CRYTPON, CT100,CUB7090, CXR100  
D DAELIM, DAX70, DT100, DT50, DT125, DT125T, DT125K, DT125R, DT150,DT175,DT175K(6H), DT175K 4H, DT180, DT200, DT250, DISCOVER(4H), DISCOVER125CC, DS80, DX100  
F FAN125, FD115, FORCE, FORCE-1, FREEDOM, FR80, FR100, FR80N, FREEDOM, FS80,  
G G7T, GARELLIESTR, GL100, GL145, GLMAXNEO, GLPRO, GLPRONEO, GN5, GN125, GN125H, GP100, GP125, GRAND, GSX-R, GS125, GTO125, GTO110, GT50, GT80  
K KARISMA, KAZE-R, KB4S, KB1004S, KXF250, KXF450  
M M80, MB50, MB80, MB100, MOBYLLETE, MX180,  
N NX125, NX250, NX350SHAHR, NX200, NX400, NXR125, NXR150, NXR  
R R530, RAJDOOT, RC80, RC100, RCN5, RD50, RD75,RD125,RD135, RMZ250, RS100, RS125, RV50, RV60, RV90, RX50, RX80, RX100, RX135, RX180, RXZ135, RXZ450, RXZ, RXK, RXK10, RZD125  
TDR250, T110, TIGER125, TINO, TITAN99, TITAN00, TITAN150, TITIAN2000, TITN-ninety nine, TORNADO, TR125, TRX200, TRX350, TS100, TS100Z, TS125, TS185ER, TVI VICTOR, TW125, TZR125  
X XLR, XL100, XL125, XL185, XL200R, XL250, XLT, XLX250/350, XLR125, XR200, XR200R, XR250, XT125, XT250, XTZ125, XV250  
Y YB50, YB80, YB100, YBR125, YD100, YD1110, YEB125, YS250, YZ125, YZF250, YZF450


Q:When can I get the price tag?
A:We will reply you inside of 24 several hours after we get your inquiry. Or you can right get in touch with us if you are
very urgent.

Q.Can we get samples for screening?
A: We can offer you with cost-free samples, you only need to bear the freight. If your initial obtain amount satisfies our specifications, we can utilize for you much more favorable value.

Q.How extended is the generation time of the merchandise?
A: Our warehouse has adequate standard measurements stocking, prepared to supply. And we have a whole lot of raw supplies storage, buyer technical specs can be arranged in a well timed way generation, shipping and delivery can be manufactured inside of seven-15days.

Q.How to do the problems of item in the printing approach?
A: We have a professional technical staff, will be on the internet to fix the use of the method encountered numerous issues. If can not be settled online, complex staff will set up timely house visits.

Honda YAMAHA Bajaj Suzuki  Model Complete, China Motorcycle Parts, Motorcycle Sprocket Fit for Kriss RC80, Rear Front Sprocket