Heavy Duty Hot DIP Galvanized Fences

Heavy Duty Hot DIP Galvanized Fences

                         Heavy Responsibility Hot DIP Galvanized Fences 

one). Higher good quality galvanized steel tube with bare minimum 60g/sq. meter galvanization. 
two). Silico bronze welded make the welding seam very smooth and rust free any time.
three). Particular made welding jig make all welding no deforming fence panel.
four). Sand blasting and phosphating before powder coating.
five). Akzo Nobel large high quality powder coating make the fence panel extended life.


Item No. Panel Dimensions (mm) Rails (mm) Pickets (mm) Rail No.
BM15121 2100mm Large x 2400mm Extensive 40x40x2.5 25x25x1.6 3 two
BM15122 2100mm Substantial x 2400mm Vast 40x40x2. 25x25x1.six 3 two
BM15123 2100mm High x 2400mm Wide 40x40x1.6 25x25x1.two 3 2
BM15124 1800mm High x 2400mm Broad 40x40x2.five 25x25x2.   two
BM15125 1800mm Large x 2400mm Broad 40x40x2. 25x25x1.six   2
BM15126 1800mm Substantial x 2400mm Broad 40x40x1.six 25x25x1.2   two
BM15127 1500mm High x 2400mm Vast 40x40x2. 25x25x1.6   2
BM15128 1500mm Higher x 2400mm Extensive 40x40x1.six 25x25x1.two   2
  Cap submit 65x65mm (wall thickness 2mm – 5mm) Minimize length
  Die Casting Braket Four hole


Our Goods Earn at the particulars

one. Our powder coating ficility have completely eleven powder spray gun. 6 guns are relocating up and down each sides of fence panel. Two fixed gun for the bottom rail at each sides and the other two set gun for the best rail at equally sides. The very last gun is usually mounted at position of spear top.

two. We will fo cross reduce testing for the powder coating prior to delivery.

3. The QC of powder coating check the floor by location-light is need. So any flaw of powder coating will be not escaped from eye of QC. 

4. Our QC verify the powder coating thickness each placement of the fence panel. The everage thickness of coating is much more than 100um.

5. The bundle is really importand for the powder coated fencing. We use heavy-duty steel body package deal to properly safeguard the good items. It will be quite effortless to our customers unload the pallets by forklift.

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Heavy Duty Hot DIP Galvanized Fences